What we do

We are a social enterprise currently based in the McKernan neighbourhood, and at Grant MacEwan University in amiskwaciwâskahikan (a.k.a Edmonton). We transform vacant lots into gardens that produce vegetables, herbs and flowers for local consumption. We don't want anyone to miss out on this fresh, local goodness, so all of our products are priced as "pay what you want". This pricing model is designed to help community members help each other. If you can afford to pay our suggested price (or even more!): your $$$ go directly to helping community members who perhaps need to pay a lower price (or nothing at all) to access our fresh veg, judgement free. Income from sales is invested back into Veg in Yeg.

Look foward to feeding you!

Our motivation

Increase accessibility to local food, create alternative food systems and work towards food sovereignty.
Grow healthy communities and promote neighbourliness.
Reduce waste and CO2 outputs of our food system - address food mileage, packaging waste, and food waste.
Create a thriving environment for nature and ourselves.

Who we are

Veg in Yeg was created by Nicole Spring in 2018, but grew with the hard work of many other people, including: Felicity Hart, Jenny Semeniuk, Kay Rollans, Jorge Perez and lots of volunteers and neighbour advocates. Everyone involved, including Nicole, have been volunteering their time.

In 2021, Veg in Yeg's model has changed - we are transitioning to an (official) non-profit that is co-created and co-led by fellow volunteers in the community. If you are interested in joining our team, sign-up here.

Nicole grew up in Manchester UK, and moved to Edmonton in 2015. During her time in Edmonton, she has met many brilliant people who are advocates and activists for local, just, sustainable and regenerative food systems. Feeling inspired to take backyard-gardening to the next level, she then met some urban farmers - including Ryan Mason of Reclaim Farm, who farmed the same vacant lot in Garneau from 2014–2017. It just so happened that Ryan was relocating, so the plot opened up for Veg in Yeg. Outside of farming, she is committed to communal living, climate justice activism and engaging in non-violent direct action and climate justice outreach. She is currently a grad student at the U of A, studying for a Master's in Community Engagement, specializing in topics of1st generation ecological farmers, food justice and food sovereignty.

Clockwise from top right: FarmersFelicity Hart, Jenny Semeniuk, Jorge Perez and Kay Rollans.

Contact us

+1 (780) 914-8889 / hello@veginyeg.ca

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